Zeke´s Refrigerador

This ASC mugg whas
gifted from my SS.
Thanks !!
Here is some pics from my Refrigerador.

Here is my refrigerador

Lets open the door...
Hey wait whats standing on the top of it?

Ok just some books and other gadgets. Lets look inside...

Uh nice! lets herf !!

And some more gadgets in the door

Lets get some light on the stash!

The cigars from the top shelf.
The singles and VIP cigars

The cigars from the 2nd shelf from the top. Notice that i use any box to my cigars. The HdM Rotchild is in a Grand Nica box

The 2nd shelf from the bottom. And in the HdM rotchild box I have the connie 733 :-). No not in the HdM Governors Candella. the one behind it :-).

The bottom shelf.

Here is the homemade credos view 1. Top

And view 2. Side